An Important Note about Attendance at Workshops


Despite having an overbooked workshop at the OSPCA on Saturday, November 2nd, we had 18 people not show up, which was nearly half of those registered. This was a workshop where we had to close registration a week in advance and turn people away, due to demand.

When you register for our workshop and don’t show up, you hurt our organization and, ultimately, this hurts the cats. TFCP is a small, all-volunteer group. We put a lot of personal time and effort into running these workshops in order to help feral cat colony caretakers, who in turn help street cats in need.

Time and resources are wasted preparing materials for people who don’t attend. Colony caretakers who would have liked to attend, but couldn’t due to space limitations, lose out on that opportunity to learn TNR and start helping feral cats now, before the cold really sets in.

For the Newmarket workshop in particular, the OSPCA donates lunch and orders based on the numbers we give them. You can imagine lunch for 40 costs significantly more than lunch for 22. Again, that’s funds out of an animal shelter’s budget that could have been put to better use.

In light of this, we’ve decided not to add a December workshop to our roster. Instead will do back-to-back workshops on November 30th at the Toronto Humane Society.

The morning session will now begin at 10am and the newly added afternoon session will start at 2pm. You can register for the afternoon workshop here.

It should go without saying, but if you’re already registered, please attend! And if something comes up and you can’t make it, let us know ASAP by emailing our workshop coordinators Steve and Suha, so we can let someone else take your spot.

In order to make sure TFCP is working effectively and always training as many people as possible, we will be restructuring our registration system in 2014 to combat absenteeism. This will likely mean move to online pre-payment.

Thank you for your understanding and to all those who made it out last weekend. Toronto and the GTA is a better place for cats, because of your TNR efforts!

Feral Cat Awareness Week in Toronto – October 16 – 22

National Feral Cat Day in the United States was Oct. 16, and here in Toronto, Mayor Rob Ford officially declared it Feral Cat Awareness Day in a Proclamation issued Wednesday.


To celebrate Toronto’s Feral Cat TNR Coalition is hosting a Cat-a-thon Adopt-a-thon at Nathan Phillips Square today, Friday, October 18th from 11am – 2pm, as part of a week long Feral Cat Awareness Week campaign.

Adoptable rescued cats will be on hand for reputable Coalition groups and at 12:30pm City Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker will speak about Toronto’s TNR program and what an official Feral Cat Awareness Day means for the city.

Please note, the Cat-a-thon will now end at 2pm.

Please note, the Cat-a-thon will now end at 2pm.

If you tuned into Global’s Morning Show this morning, you saw myself, Dr. Hanna Booth, and the ginger twins kittens, Harry and Wills, make their television debut.

Interested adopters for this bonded kitten pair can get in touch by emailing me at Please only apply if you are ready and capable of providing a loving, safe forever home for these two.

Harry and Wills right after they were rescued.

Harry and Wills right after they were rescued.


The kittens with their sister (already adopted) before they were rescued.

The kittens with their sister (already adopted) before they were rescued.

Want to help us develop our TNR program further? Join the Coalition as a volunteer. We’re recruiting on all levels.

TO-FeralCats-Coalition_brochure2Happy #FCAW13! Here’s to #NoMoreHomelessCats.

TFCP needs your help! Call for volunteers and donations

Special Day Time Workshop for New Volunteers & those who work weekends

The Toronto Feral Recovery Centre is in desperate need of new volunteers to help operate the Centre a few days a week. Since volunteers must first be trained, we are hosting a special day time workshop to allow those who work on weekends to attend and become volunteers.

This special workshop will be held Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013 at 1:00pm at the Feral Recovery Centre (Progress Ave. near McCowan Station) in Scarborough.

If you know anyone that needs to take the workshop or would like to volunteer and cannot make our usual Saturday workshops, please share this with them.

Cost: $15.00 for colony caretakers. Coalition volunteers are free of charge.

To register, please go to our registration page here.


Movie Night Fundraiser!

Cat City

To help raise funds to cover the costs of of running the Recovery Centre, TFCP will be running a monthly fundraiser Movie Night.

Thursday, Sept. 19th will also be our first Movie Night and Social Get Together. Doors open at 7:00 pm with movie starting around 7:30 pm. For the first night we have had some requests for Cat City as many have not seen it and perhaps we can talk a little about how far we have all come in such a short time since it was made.

Please RSVP on our Facebook Event page, so we can know roughly how many people to expect.

If you don’t have Facebook, you can RSVP by emailing Roxanne at Anyone willing to help with running this event is more than welcome!

All profit after expenses will be donated to the Recovery Centre.

We are hoping to run this movie night monthly on the 3rd Thursday of each month in between clinic nights. We’ll try to show mostly uplifting films, to keep all our spirits buoyed.


Request for Donated Supplies for the Recovery Centre

We are in constant need of they following items:

– Cat food (wet & dry)
– Cat treats & cat nip
– Cat toys
– Litter clumping and non clumping
– Small litter pans
– litter scoops
– Garbage bags (all sizes and strengths but especially heavy duty or
contracter bags)
– Bleach
– Liquid laundry soap
– Liquid fabric softener
– Dish soap
– Scourering sponge pads,
– SOS pads
– Toilet paper
– Paper towels
– Puppy pads
– Small plastic or metal food dishes
– Disposable cutlery
– Disposable styrofoam plates/small bowls
– Towels
– Blankets
– Soft fleece
– Sheets
– Small animal beds
– Small 1-2″ carabiners and metal shower curtain hooks to lock the cages
– Plastic clothes pegs
– Small zip ties
– Tape
– Black markers/pens
– Plastic shower curtains
– Rolls of vapour barrier, medium thickness (painters plastic is too thing to cover tables)
– Writing pads
– Note paper
– Litter Locker II refills
– Newspapers are welcome but please none with staples or a glossy finish and
no flyers just the large sections as we don’t have time to mess around
with the little sizes.

Big ticket items:

– Dryer (regular or large load – we desperately need this!)
– Skilled trades to help do repairs around the Centre

No donation too big or too small!

To make arrangements to drop off donated items or if you have questions about volunteering at the Recovery Centre, please email Roxanne at

The Feral Recovery Centre is located on Progress Ave. in Scarborough near TAS – Scarborough and a short walk from McCowan Station. We do not post the exact address publicly for safety purposes. It is an initiative of the Toronto Feral TNR Coalition, of which TFCP is a member.


We will also gladly accept any Canadian Tire money you might like to collect as we can use it for so many things. Let us know you are donating so we can arrange to meet you and they can also be brought to the Shelter Building sessions at THS through the winter.

Anyone wishing to solicit donations from stores or other source and need a letter please let us know. If you’d like to make a cash donation, you can do so through Toronto Animal Services and designated for the Feral Recovery Centre. You can get a receipt for tax purposes this way.

If there are any handy with tools people we have lots of work still needing to be done so bring some tools and come on over. We would like to be looking good for the “Open House” we would love to have in October.