In 2014, Toronto Feral Cat Project and Urban Cat Relief merged boards to form a united group dedicated entirely to community cat education and awareness. This has brought charitable status to TFCP. You can now support our program with a tax-deductible donation.

We will soon be re-branding under a new organization name, but with a similar mandate and goals as TFCP as the sole organization in Toronto focused on feral and community cat issues.


Toronto Feral Cat Project is an initiative that seeks to address the feline overpopulation problem in Toronto.

Our Objective: Implement the Toronto Feral Cat Survey to:

  1. Map feral colonies in the GTA;
  2. Provide accurate information on the GTA’s feral cat population that can be used to advocate on behalf of ferals and promote their humane care and control;
  3. Show progress made in stabilizing and reducing feral cat populations;
  4. Build strategies to address the feral cat problem;
  5. Formulate best practices for managing feral cat colonies and practising
    Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR);
  6. Encourage the collaboration of animal rescue groups and local government in developing and implementing TNR programs;
  7. Pioneer public education and outreach programs that will lead to a better understanding of feral cats and the adoption of TNR as a humane and effective method for controlling the feral cat population.